So Solid are back!

Its that time again when another great group return to the scene! This time its all about So Solid Crew, not all members are returning but the 3 most known of the collective, ”Lisa Maffia, Romeo & Mega”  are back with a all new single “Since You Went Away

So Solid - They Dont Know - 2001

So Solid Crew - They Dont Know - 2001

We can also tell you that Lisa is also currently recording a solo album and has contributed on 4 singles for the So Solid Crew new album! No dates are known yet for the release for the So Solid Crew album but it will be something to watch out for. The scene has changed quite a bit since there first album “They Dont Know” back in 2001 but they still manage to bring it to the table.

This isnt my favorite single of theres, that title still remains to “They Dont Know”. Lisa Maffia’s vocals as usual are good! Let us know your thoughts on the single and if you will be supporting it upon its release.


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  1. Dear So Solid Crew, “Since you went away” the UK urban scene hasw changed significantly. If you hope that this single will get you back into the pop charts I think you can think again. The single is poorly produced and Lisa Maffia vocals sounds worse than a reject from the X-factor! How can this single compare with the likes of Chipmunk or Tinchy Stryder?

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